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My name is Valentin,I am 27 years old from Bucharest,capital of Romania,been online for 6 years now.

aluna: Welcome
Aug, 13 2:38am
king: Thank you, good day
Aug, 11 7:35am
sheikhanees: Yes Val i really like this site.
Aug, 10 7:35am
zeisim: Hello Valentin,thank you for your warm welcome!
Aug, 10 6:49am
parisgyspy: Hello Valentin, nice to see you here. I'm liking this site. How 'bout you?
Aug, 10 3:15am
doomed: Hello there. First time writing on a profile page. Seems like I have to write more, it's another achievement to get.
Aug, 9 1:12pm
ingaoz: Hello Valentin
Aug, 7 10:27am
aluna: Ty and welcome
Aug, 7 9:53am
lindsiestarr: Thank you
Jul, 31 3:20pm
denderle: It's in the plans!
Jul, 10 12:25pm
richardpk: I love followers!
Jul, 5 5:01am
corina: Hey, Valy, are you stalking me or is it that I'm stalking you? lol Have a great week-end.
Jul, 4 7:43am
ins199: yes sir, your te is great,but I always have no time to surf more
Feb, 22 7:19am
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