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Nov, 24 7:50pm
darran65: ty for comments fair Lady Erika
Aug, 27 12:48pm
beowulf: It's not that simple just to re-instal Windows, you need the drivers, especially for your internet connection. If you have Windows 7 here is a site with tons of info. You can download Windows 7 for free from Microsoft for the machine you are using. You will need the licence number usually stuck on the back if it's a laptop. Here's the site.
Aug, 13 6:17pm
chococdip: i am asking do you like to join that site if i send you a link
Aug, 13 4:41pm
chococdip: erika, if you like can you join a ptc site that will pay .024 cents daily by ads viewing and you can earn 120% of your investment also
Aug, 13 4:37pm
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Jun, 7 12:36pm
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May, 26 1:56am
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