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Denicker Manuel

denderle: Please check out our special Black Friday Deals on your account
Nov, 24 7:50pm
kerrnoel: nice to met you
Nov, 12 5:36am
kerrnoel: hello
Nov, 11 10:11pm
sunmagicflower: Can you please follow me? please? if u dont mind.
Nov, 11 5:33am
markukbb: I took the liberty of following you.
Oct, 24 9:30am
darran65: Thank you for the comment Denicker
Oct, 19 12:47pm
lizabeth09: Thanx for the comment
Oct, 19 12:13pm
lizabeth09: Hi Denicker, I'm fine thank you, had a busy day, my youngest son came over to visit, then I went upstairs to my friends house, haven't been surfing much today. And hope all is well with you.
Oct, 7 4:48pm
lizabeth09: Hi Denicker, already belong, haven't surfed much there lately but will start up again, thank you anyway.
Aug, 14 12:18pm
chococdip: ok i get it i will join but after sometime
Aug, 14 12:16pm
chococdip: what is your link
Aug, 14 12:09pm
chococdip: i will talk about links after some time ok please
Aug, 14 12:09pm
chococdip: hey how do you know about my link
Aug, 14 12:05pm
lizabeth09: Ivo is slowing down, now is your time to pass him lol
Aug, 10 4:43pm
lizabeth09: Ok see you soon.
Aug, 10 4:06pm
lizabeth09: Well, I've been keeping track of Ivo, and he did stop for a while, his AP points weren't moving. Just keep surfing before ebiz wakes up, and passes you.
Aug, 10 4:02pm
chyemong: May I know what is your topic. May want to join you Thanks
Aug, 1 10:01pm
lizabeth09: Thanx I could use one lol
Jul, 31 4:37pm
lizabeth09: Thank you Denicker for the comment. And I love your splash pages too, but I cannot comment on sites, my computer screen is too small, and I don't see that part on my screen, My computer is like 10 years old, still don't have a flat screen yet. lol
Jul, 31 4:29pm
boodielicious: all done thanks for allowing me to follow you good luck gf
Jul, 30 9:56am
darran65: E Hog and viral listbuilder plus are 2 that give cash rewards some times
Jul, 19 1:48pm
goldentrainer: Thank you!
Jul, 5 9:45pm
lizabeth09: Ok Denicker, I'll check it out later on my break.
Jul, 5 8:49am
darank: Welcome
Jun, 25 8:36pm
darran65: hi Denicker. just seen your question on Top Te, All you need to do is promote your splash page or site link. Watch out for pages with a red tag, claim the tag and if you are a member of that TE enter you id. hope this is helpful Darran.
Jun, 21 3:09pm
denderle: Weekend promo available. Please check your email for details!
Jun, 7 12:36pm
denderle: It's time for the second day of Surf Promo. Surf 300 sites for a chance of receiving cash prizes!!! Ends today (Sunday)
May, 26 1:56am
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