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Been on line since 2002 and enjoying the experience I have a sSocial Site I frequent a lot /
erikalib: Hello Peter(Papa Surf)hope you're good. Enjoy your November Hugs,Erika
Nov, 1 7:05pm
top2016: Wow! this is good! Check please....
Jan, 22 1:07pm
Jan, 22 12:58pm
fantasy101: Hi Peter, I wanted to let you know this is the "funnest" site and it's very addictive. See you tomorrow.
Jan, 5 8:18pm
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Dec, 31 11:15am
adelinashare: Hi Once have a look on my link
Jun, 17 4:01am
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Nov, 24 7:50pm
clsv1405: it seems like snowball system pay 10 $ get 10 $ for recruting im not interessted in such things at this moment i spare my money for a TE of my own.but thank you for your recomandation
Sep, 1 6:05am
lizabeth09: Ok give me a little bit to check it out, I'm not even fully awake yet, But I will check it out later.
Aug, 27 9:22am
lizabeth09: Ok I'll check it out, but you didn't send the link.
Aug, 27 9:19am
youngy776: try this link pal it works when i click on it
Aug, 23 10:02pm
denderle: Do you have auto-assign turned on?
Aug, 15 3:38pm
barbross: hey Peter. I will need to know later if you are going to have enough funds for fanbox. If we keep upgrade, may be about $8. May be able to get by for 5
Jul, 18 7:15am
denderle: Weekend promo available. Please check your email for details!
Jun, 7 12:36pm
denderle: It's time for the second day of Surf Promo. Surf 300 sites for a chance of receiving cash prizes!!! Ends today (Sunday)
May, 26 1:56am
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