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Jul, 24 4:30am
lizabeth09: Ok thanks so much will ty and contact him
Jun, 2 1:16pm
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Apr, 16 1:28pm
lizabeth09: Hi Antbella, thank u for bringing that to my attention,I sent in a support ticket.If it doesn't change, I'm going to stop promoting.
Mar, 21 1:46pm
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Jan, 22 1:08pm
Jan, 22 12:57pm
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Dec, 31 11:09am
bucksman: Hi Antbella I know I have to surf but first I need to assign credits before I can even surk How do I do that Peter
Oct, 14 1:19pm
bucksman: Hi Antbella I have joined you in Free pro traffic What I need to know is how do I assign credits to start surfing
Oct, 13 8:50am
Aug, 2 10:03am
tibronc: Hi Antbella, please read me : Thank's !
Jul, 1 9:04am
jointeam: Hello, I will send the duck's after your update notification. Waiting. Thank You.
Apr, 13 11:02pm
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Feb, 2 7:29pm
dimedog: Antbellla . I whis you goodnight. I go sleep now, Tomorrow is Christmas and our children will be here, And if we don't see before cristmas i whis to you and that little child MERRY CHRISTMAS
Dec, 23 11:46am
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Nov, 24 7:50pm
Nov, 13 9:30pm
markukbb: I took the liberty of adding you, I hope you dont mind
Oct, 21 6:02pm
Oct, 13 11:36am
jacker: nic sites
Oct, 13 8:55am
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Sep, 10 5:47am
darkgyro: Thanks for your likes and comment, Much appreciated
Sep, 9 9:09am
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Jun, 7 12:36pm
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May, 26 1:56am
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